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Decanter "Black Tie Faces" - Riedel

by Riedel
SKU RIE_4100/13


Black Tie Faces are decanters produced by Riedel, handmade items realized in crystal.

In the first decanter, two human faces meet each other on the surface of it, representing the perfect metaphore of conviviality that is one of the main features of drinking together.
In the second decanter, however, there is a horse's head, as beautiful and elegant as the animal.
Tie Faces are not just functional objects for decanting the wine, but above all they are precious accessories for share a moment of joy and relaxation toghether.


  • Face To Face: Height: 60 cm - Capacity: <75 cl
  • Horse: Height: 60 cm - Capacity: <75 cl


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