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Set of 2 Degustation Glasses "Noé" - IVV

by IVV
SKU IVV_2526.1


After many years, IVV re-edits a must-have for those who love to drink important wines. Tasting is an art and a pleasure: in between there is practice and knowledge. The Noè line is placed in this space. These glasses, in fact, still today innovative design, have been specially designed for a more complete and in-depth sensory analysis. In contrast, in fact, both the base and the nail of the glass, wider, facilitate the visual examination of clarity and color. Totally wrapped in the glass, moreover, you can better appreciate the ouquet, for a more punctual taste-olfactory analysis.


  • Narrow: H 26 cm - Ø 11 cm - 80 cl
  • Normal: H 26 cm - Ø 13 cm - 90 cl
  • Wide: H 26 cm - Ø 15 cm - 115 cl


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