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Mood "Asia" - Christofle

SKU CHR_0065999


New and fun, MOOD is a cutlery setting for six people that offers a new take on the art of the table. Made up of two main elements, an oviform case and silver-plated cutlery presented vertically, it is ready to be picked up by your hand.
A design object of lust, MOOD shakes up conventions, annihilating the traditional placing of cutlery around the plate. MOOD and the cutlery it houses have been designed to be an integral part of the meal, acting as a centerpiece. Democratic and offbeat, MOOD sublimates everyday life.
Each guest can use their cutlery at their convenience, choose what they need whenever they need it. In this way, the art of the table becomes personal freedom, a gesture that we make our own.
To enhance the tasting experience, Christofle has developed new chopsticks and chopstick holders, all in silver, as well as a new soup spoon suited to Asian bowls.tion. ​

24 pieces silver plated flatware set for 6 persons​

  • 6 forks 
  • 6 spoons
  • 6 chopsticks


H 27 cm -  Ø 18 cm


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