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Scented Candle "Merles et Raisins" - Lalique

by Lalique
SKU LAL_B14700


With the precious Merles et Raisins Crystal candle, Lalique takes you on a fragrant voyage to the French terroir. A journey inspired by one of René Lalique’s legendary creations: a masterpiece of the artist’s Art deco period, “Merles et Raisins” (Blackbirds and Grapes, 1928) was originally the décor of panels designed for the fabled Orient Express.

Burning Time: 80 Hours


Composed by Leslie Girard, its delectable fruity woody scent recreates the rich, warm atmosphere of a vineyard just before the harvest. Sunshine is conjured by the pure essence of sweet orange. To evoke rich red wine, the perfumer has blended grape, iris, and fig notes with davana, a fruity woody ingredient with rich liqueur-like facets. Rum extract adds its touch of fire. Sandalwood, its creamy smoky smoothness. Earthy patchouli and cypriol give off the scent of the generous terroir.


750 g


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